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Event Booking

When looking to your next event, the Martin Auto Museum is the right place for you! The Museum has two separate meeting rooms that can be combined for larger events. We can accomodate up to about 175 people total for large events between the large meeting room, the small meeting room, and the main museum space which connects the two. If you need something a bit smaller, the large meeting room can handle about 85 people with the small room handling about 35.

  • Large Meeting Space

    The Large Meeting Room is where most parties and like events are held. However, if you need the space, demonstrations, training, and other meetings are…
  • Small Meeting Space

    The Small Meeting Room is available for smaller events and meetings. The Small Meeting Room can hold up to 35 people Contact Us
  • Past Events

    Click on the button to see more pictures of some of the events we have had the pleasure of holding here at the Martin Auto…

Our Education

The Martin Auto Museum takes it's mission to educate seriously, and we seriously want you to have fun learning!
Our education efforts are focused, at the present, upon two separate platforms: 1) the grade specific lesson plans laid out below, and 2) the range and breadth of the vehicles in the Museum. The lesson plans are meant to help educators with age specific assignments for their classrooms. And teachers, if you have something you think might be helpful to either the Museum or other children, please share! Each button below will take you to that grade's lesson plans.


Tue-Sat : 10am to 5pm

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17641 N. Black Canyon Highway (I-17 frontage road) Phoenix, Arizona 85023

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In the News

Meet The Founder:

Mel Martin

Mel Martin moved to Arizona when he was only 16 years old and then started his very own auto-repair garage in Mayer the very next year. From there, Mel moved to Phoenix, where he opened another garage and started a towing buisness.

Mel not only has a love for cars, he is an expert mechanic who could literally fix any of the cars in the museum blindfolded. Over the years, Mel's love of cars led to a substantial collection and after the years of joy they brought him, he decided to give back to the Valley and open the Martin Auto Museum.

And it is here that Mel wishes to pass down his sizeable amount of knowledge to the generations that follow. We, at the Martin Auto Museum, thank him for his enormous contribution to all.

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